Monday, February 25, 2008

Jesus Was A Dreidel Spinner: A Video Contest

(Originally posted by Jill on Nov. 12, 2007)

" Jesus was a dreidel spinner" (MP3, 2:19)

When I was asked, years ago, to sing a Christmas song for my label at the time, Atlantic Records, I decided to write a Hanukkah one, since all we Jewish folk had was that awful Dreidel made out of clay song. Well, the executives didn't go for it. "Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner" was not going to be their next holiday classic. I guess a corporation full of JEWS didn't deem it appropriate. What war on Christmas? There's a war on the holiday, which can be spelled in two or more ways.

I always wanted to do a video for the song, but never had the means.

So now I am asking you all for help. If there is anyone out there that has the creativity and talent, and wants to try making a kick-ass video for "Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner" please do it.

There is no money, but the winner/winners or worst one will be on my blog as well as on the Yahoo music homepage. But, what's even better is that it will be featured on the homepage of the hippest Jewish Magazine ever…

How can you miss this opportunity?

Gentiles also welcome.

Oh, I'm thinking we should have something by Dec. 2nd. What do you think?

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