Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soldiers of Christ

(Originally posted on Dec. 6, 2007)

jill: "soldiers of christ "

I was reminded of an old song of mine as I was watching the last Republican debates. They spent a great deal of time on religion: who was the most hardcore and truest of the true believers.

Now, I don't care if Mike Huckabee takes every word of the Bible literally--that is his biz. If Romney is an Osmond-loving "Big Love" Mormon, more power to him--but should this play a part in who we decide is the next President?

Unless of course you are the Republican party and you, now more than ever, need the evangelical vote. The problem is, I hope, that the younger generation of Christian evangelicals are, little by little, not as concerned about partisan politics. Or their concerns extend beyond the traditional morality issues to more progressive matters of social justice. They are less of tweeked about, say, homosexual marriage then their elders.

Now admittedly, I am getting this info from a 60 Minutes that I saw a few weeks ago and some recent op-eds. I am wondering what the Christians that have written into this blog have to say about all this.

Side note: a boy came up to me on the street and told me that his mother, who was very religious, had heard this great song that her preacher had played for the congregation. She got a copy for her son, so as to maybe encourage him away from his evil ways. She believed that he could be gay, as he didn't like sports and preferred the cooking shows on cable--a sure sign of Satan. That song happened to be "Soldiers of Christ."

After meeting and talking to the sweet boy, who, by the way, was wearing a Scissor Sisters t-shirt, I believe the song probably didn't work--at least in the way his mom had hoped for.

By the way, this song was written with Robin Eaton

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