Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Putting the "Date" in Candidate

(Originally posted my Michelle on Dec. 2, 2007)

Have any of you tried VoteMatch yet? It's like eHarmony in your search for the perfect presidential dreamboat. It matches compatibility, likes and dislikes, priorities etc., but instead of "how important are kids?" it asks, " how important is the environment?" Neat!

Apparently, my presidential Mr. Right is Dennis Kucinich.

I've asked around and a lot of my friends who consider themselves Democrats have gotten paired up with the congressman from Ohio. He's clearly the most Democratic of the Democrats. But what if the chemistry just isn't there? I mean, what if he reminds me too much of the guy who sat behind me in Poli Sci, mouth-breathing and asking for pop quizzes. I know I'm not supposed to care about superficial things like looks and height, but I can't watch him on a debate without thinking of... OK, it's SHALLOW! And I'm sorry, Mom, I DON'T want to date Mrs. Schulman's son, the accountant, either.

Sigh. It's a head vs. heart thing... In my head, he says all the right stuff (except for that UFO thing - eye roll - WHY does he have to be such a dork?) and he looks good on paper. But in my heart, well, it's just "like" not "love." You know what? He's too good for me! I don't deserve someone so pure. So smart. So passionate about the mundane things like education and healthcare. Like most girls, I want the guy that isn't good for me. Someone who's kinda dangerous... and a badass.

Like Hillary?

I haven't gone down THAT road since college. Hmmm. She's kind of aloof. A smooth operator. Leaves you wanting more and always the center of attention... type... but eHarmony eh, um, I mean,, I mean, Votematch says it's Kucinich, then Edwards (too fey) then, gulp, Mike Huckabee? Jesus, what did I click on to get him as a possible match? Must have been one of those tax reform questions I didn't quite understand.

Anyway, I love these kinds of internet "compatibility quizzes." You can take them to find out your ideal dog breed, your perfect hair style or the diet that's "just right for you." The funny part is that my "ideal" match is never what I actually opt for in real life - I mean, I have a golden retriever (not a boxer), I usually put my hair in a long pony tail (not a short, curly bob) and the "just right" diet is basically skipping breakfast sometimes.

So check it out! Let us know what your matches turn out to be...

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