Monday, February 25, 2008

"Letting Go Of God" - Once Again

(Originally posted by Jill on Nov. 27, 2007)

Gosh, the only blog entry that I have gotten much response for is the song I wrote with Julia Sweeney for the movie of "Letting Go of God". Most of the comments were not favorable. My favorite was: Get ready to shovel coal in hell!!

Since I don't think most of the well-wishers have seen her amazing show, I thought I would offer a snippet.

Here it is: "the mormon boys arrrive " (MP3,7:22)

Let me ask the bible quoters this (coming from someone who respects others' beliefs but is baffled): If, say, someone who is an atheist or a secular Jew (like me) was a great person their whole life (generous, loving and did "good works"), he would still go to hell, according to you, because he didn't accept Jesus as lord and savior. So does that mean that Gandhi fries while, for example, the mafia guy who murdered a hundred and repents on his dying day gets to go to heaven?

I want to know.

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choppergt750 said...

Jesus said " I am The way The truth and The life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me".Jesus was/is the messiah the Jews were waiting for. They expected a vanquisher. instead they got the lamb of God- a peacemaker- the only one who could bring peace and salvation by being the last blood sacrifice. only through recognizing the fact of Jesus messiahship could salvation be man(human("man" does not refer to males only)can gain heaven on merrit alone.