Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama and Me

(Originally posted by Jill on Dec. 10, 2008)

Now I know what all of those girls at Shea stadium must have felt for the Beatles, or what the bobby soxers saw in Frank, and probably what a few girls in South Korea still feel for Michael Jackson.

On Friday night in Chicago, I played at a Barack Obama fundraiser, along with Wilco and Macy Gray (who was not wild about having to share her dressing room with me).

When they told me I could meet him, I thought, that's cool. I had no idea he would turn me into a silly girl whose heart was all a-flutter.

Sure, I had seen the charisma in his speeches and flashes of it in the debates, but meeting him one-on-one was something entirely different - even if it was only for 10 seconds and a photo op. But, for that 10 seconds (okay maybe it was 7), I was the only person in the whole world that mattered to him. He takes his time as he grasps your hand, looks you deep in the eyes, and… swoon.

I've heard that Clinton (Bill) has this ability too. My Aunt Mickey, who was very proper, uncharacteristically said that when she met Bill, she understood why Monica did what she did.

Of more importance, I have the feeling that this man could actually bring change and hope to an indifferent, cynical or completely disgusted electorate. It was so great to see the concert hall filled with excited 20-somethings. OK, so maybe Michael Jackson wasn't exactly the right analogy. Maybe, it's more like… John Kennedy.

And someday, if anyone ever asked me to, I would so sing "Happy Birthday (Mr. President)" Marilyn-style to Obama.

Where do you guys stand on Hillary vs Obama?

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